End of my first year at University.

Settling into university life came quite naturally to me and before I knew it, it was the end of the year. The year flew by once it got started and even though there was stress and many, many headaches along the way, the year ended quite well.

I was please with my pass to the second year and felt that the year academically, wasn’t my best, but I got through the work and it ended well. I hoped that the next year would go well for me, which it has so far, and I’m very pleased with my efforts (despite my lack of motivation for the first semester).

Now I’m halfway through my second year and feel like my skills are improving every day. I thought this year would fly by again and it has. the days keep merging and the time between deadlines feels tighter and tighter (even though they aren’t). There is so much more to do second year and if you’re reading this and are thinking about going to university, don’t let my moaning about time constraints put you off!

My experience of University has been really good, considering the ups and downs I’ve been through personally, but I feel that it’s thus far made me a more competent and independent individual.

Thank you for reading the reflection of my first year at university. I hope you continue to visit my blog to see what other work I’ve been up to.
I’ll post again shortly!



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