About Me


My name is Phoebe Gorman and I’m a student Graphic Designer from South Wales.

I am currently studying at Coleg Sir Gar, Trinity Saint David, in Carmarthen, West Wales.


I design because I want to express visually. I believe that great design makes the world beautiful.


I’m often inspired to do things by designers I don’t even know, from seeing a billboard sign to a wrapper on the floor. Someone has created those designs and I’m getting ready to join them and design the world.


The designers I’m inspired by include; Stefan Sagmeister, Neville Brody, Jonathan Barnbrook and Matthew Carter. There are many more but it would take too long to list them all.



I hope that you enjoy looking through my work, don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates and feel free to contact me about my work, whether it’s on Twitter, by email or on my Facebook page (details below).


Thank you for reading


Phoebe Gorman


Twitter: @PhoebeGormanGD

Email: phoebegorman@gmail.com

Facebook: Phoebe Gorman


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