Carmarthen Journal Work Experience – Remembrance Sunday

Carmarthen Journal Work Experience - Remembrance Sunday

These are the logos that I created for the paper when I was asked to submit a 2013 version of my original design to Emma Bryant.

The Editor decided to use the top image, but I myself preferred the middle image as I had used typography better in the image I thought, but it wasn’t my decision.


Carmarthen Journal Work Experience – Web References

Carmarthen Journal Work Experience - Web References

This is another piece I created for the Carmarthen Journal during my time there.

These are called Website References, they are inserted next to stories that customers can read more about on their website.

The different symbols connect to different sections of the website – for example, the snowflake indicating weather reports, the speech marks indicating where users can comment on stories etc.

I decided to keep red as the colour throughout because the main colour on the website is red and the reader can associate the two colours together. Also the boxes would be immediately recognised after a time as the reader would begin to associate over time the colour surrounding it.

Carmarthen Journal Work Experience – Actif Sir Gar/ Active Carmarthenshire

Carmarthen Journal Work Experience - Actif Sir Gar/ Active Carmarthenshire

I attended a 10 week work experience placement between November 2013 and February 2014 to gain experience in the publishing industry. Whilst on the experience, I created multiple logos and page layouts for print.

One of the first tasks the Editor, Emma Bryant, had me do was create a logo as part of a bid to rebrand Carmarthenshire Council’s Actif Sir Gar/ Active Carmarthenshire leisure sector.

Considering this was the first time I had created a logo in such little time (2 days), and it was my first piece for the Carmarthen Journal, I believe I did very well.

Emma Bryant commented on it, saying that it looked sleek, professional and relevant.

End of my first year at University.

Settling into university life came quite naturally to me and before I knew it, it was the end of the year. The year flew by once it got started and even though there was stress and many, many headaches along the way, the year ended quite well.

I was please with my pass to the second year and felt that the year academically, wasn’t my best, but I got through the work and it ended well. I hoped that the next year would go well for me, which it has so far, and I’m very pleased with my efforts (despite my lack of motivation for the first semester).

Now I’m halfway through my second year and feel like my skills are improving every day. I thought this year would fly by again and it has. the days keep merging and the time between deadlines feels tighter and tighter (even though they aren’t). There is so much more to do second year and if you’re reading this and are thinking about going to university, don’t let my moaning about time constraints put you off!

My experience of University has been really good, considering the ups and downs I’ve been through personally, but I feel that it’s thus far made me a more competent and independent individual.

Thank you for reading the reflection of my first year at university. I hope you continue to visit my blog to see what other work I’ve been up to.
I’ll post again shortly!


Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Commissioner Competition – April 2013

commissioner idea 444This is a logo I created for the client that is the Police Commissioner for the whole of Wales. This was a big client to work for and although my design wasn’t chosen, I thoroughly enjoyed researching this man’s role within the police force because I didn’t know what he did.

I chose to create this because it represented Wales and the commissioner in a very formal way, like his job seems to be.

Typography Design – March 2013

Typography Design - March 2013

This is a typeface I designed for a project on typography. The aim was to create a font that is different any I’ve seen before. For this I chose to take the font “Helvetica” and create a Postmodern creation from it. The idea was to take the font from the Modernist era and bring it up into the Postmodern era.

The National Botanic Gardens of Wales Competition – April 2013

The National Botanic Gardens of Wales Competition - April 2013

These are the designs I created for a sales pitch to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. The sales pitch was to have my work put up in the National Botanic Gardens for an exhibition about Horticulturists from Wales.
Despite not getting the job it was great fun to design for a live client and I enjoyed learning how to present myself to clients. It gave me knowledge on what clients expect from you.