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Carmarthen Journal Work Experience – Web References

Carmarthen Journal Work Experience - Web References

This is another piece I created for the Carmarthen Journal during my time there.

These are called Website References, they are inserted next to stories that customers can read more about on their website.

The different symbols connect to different sections of the website – for example, the snowflake indicating weather reports, the speech marks indicating where users can comment on stories etc.

I decided to keep red as the colour throughout because the main colour on the website is red and the reader can associate the two colours together. Also the boxes would be immediately recognised after a time as the reader would begin to associate over time the colour surrounding it.

Carmarthen Journal Work Experience – Actif Sir Gar/ Active Carmarthenshire

Carmarthen Journal Work Experience - Actif Sir Gar/ Active Carmarthenshire

I attended a 10 week work experience placement between November 2013 and February 2014 to gain experience in the publishing industry. Whilst on the experience, I created multiple logos and page layouts for print.

One of the first tasks the Editor, Emma Bryant, had me do was create a logo as part of a bid to rebrand Carmarthenshire Council’s Actif Sir Gar/ Active Carmarthenshire leisure sector.

Considering this was the first time I had created a logo in such little time (2 days), and it was my first piece for the Carmarthen Journal, I believe I did very well.

Emma Bryant commented on it, saying that it looked sleek, professional and relevant.